Here are some Tips for a

Successful Project

Here are some helpful tips for launching and navigating your project.

Come and See In the early phases of the project, we encourage you to come see us in action on another job site. Just ask and we’ll set it up.
Compare Quotes Wondering if you should call around to get other quotes? We encourage this. Know that you’re not comparing apples to apples. We are a skilled, boutique contractor. Our prices are competitive within that market, but you will be able to find quotes that are lower or higher based on a number of factors including quality, business model and experience.
Adapting to Changes As a project unfolds, a small change can create a ripple effect. People change their minds about design choices. As work begins, we may discover structural issues. These changes can impact the project cost. We encourage you to create some wiggle room in your budget so that there’s room to adapt as things come up.
Communicate On a construction job, there are a lot of moving parts. We’re a small operation and handle most issues in-house. We simplify things as much as possible by providing you with one point of contact. We’ve learned that open, honest communication is key to keeping the collaboration in a healthy flow.